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Thank you so much
for all the help.On your advise I was able to take the right papers and the processing was made very very easy.The advise was professionally perfect.

* Wanted to thank you for organizing this trip for us at such short notice....


Visa Submission Updates

Following Consulate will remain closed on
Spain- 1st to 3rd October
Belgium,France,Swiss,Netherland,Singapore-2nd and 3rd October
Dubai -3rd and 4th October
Singapore-2,3,6,23,24 October
Korea-2,3,6,23,24 October
South Africa-2,23 October
Egypt-2,3,6,7,8 October
Indonesia-2,3,6,23,24 October
Iran-2,3,6 October
Japan-2,23,24 October
Philippines,Malaysia and Brazil-2nd to 6th October
Israel-2,3,8,9,10,15,16,17,23,24 October
Swiss,Malaysia-23 October
Turkey,-2,3,6,23 October
Thailand-2,6,23,24 October

China consulate had declared that they will be closed from 01st to 07th Oct 2014.

Please see below the table for Submission and Collection

Service Type Submission Date Collection Date
Normal 26, September 2014 08, October 2014
Normal 29, September 2014 09, October 2014
Normal 30, September 2014 10, October 2014
Urgent 30 , September 2014 08, October 2014